nineteenth november
Wm, it was really nothing

thirteenth november
US launches Operation Iron Hammer in Iraq

eleven eleven
Fuck rap, you can have it back

tenth november
There's sometimes a buggy

fourth november
Uh gee not to sound smug or anything…

twenty fifth october
Grrr here is your bag of dicks Mr. Jeter hope you don't CHOKE

twenty second october
"Wiggers" are not enthusiasts of William Henry Harrison's Whig Party

eighteenth october
When it's time to potty we will potty hard

fifteenth october
The title of the film If.... should always be written with four dots: it's an ellipses followed by a period, an openness come to a full stop.

ninth october
"That object's longer than it is wide, it's a symbol of male dominance!"

sixth october
It takes four whores to make a good plan

twenty-fifth september
What's the hubbub, bub?

twenty third september
Robert De Niro, sit on my face.

september twenty first
"Half an arch won't stand, Clarice."

september eighteenth
...Las Vegas to Arizona to Albuquerque to...

fourteenth september
...Santa Cruz to Salinas to Monterrey to Big Sur to San Luis Obispo to the Santa Ynez Valley to Malibu to LA to...

ninth september
Portland to San Francisco to...

fourth september
Further up and further in

second september
Marghettorita Aid, Eh?

twenty fourth august

twenty fourth august

twentieth august

nineteenth august
"Discretion is the better part of velour"

sixteenth august
Call me Rabbit Fighter

fifteenth august
King of the Zulus

t-minus 20 days and counting
Rock 'n' Roll 'n' Rock 'n' Roll

eighth august
Anything with a hook is fair game

sixth augusth
Penis Penis Penis

second august
The American Gallery of Psychiatric Art

twenty eighth july
The Trife Life

twenty third july

twenty second july
Reverse Cowgirl Style

twentieth july
I / I survived / Without British women / In my life

twentieth july
garrison / Paris, hon

seventeenth july
Into the sea / You and me

tenth july (payday!)
Violently Happy

sixth july
"Persons of Mean and Vile Condition"

fifth july
Tacitus Tacitus Tacitus

third july
"I can't help it, I enjoy the company of murderers, rapists and child molesters."

second july
He saw milk comin out but he didn't know how / Said, "Ah, I think I'll call it a cow"

first july
"Most of the people I grew up with had never worn designer clothes, but they could tell a Peter Saville album cover at a hundred yards."

twenty seventh june
Peckin' lightly

twenty sixth june
Like a woodpecker with a headache

twenty fifth june
Stripes on her eyes when she walks slow but her hair falls down when she go go go

twenty second june
His cheap polyblend suit fit him like a stable fits a horse.

I'm 45th generation rodent

fourteenth june
I'm 69th Generation Roman

friday the thirteenth
Tell Me About 10-year old you

ninth june

eighth june
"Heineken? Fuck that shit! PABST BLUE RIBBON!"

third june
Listen up Dland Bitches and Bitchettes!

second june
Ask me why I'm whittling

2 0 0 3
fifth january thru fifth may

2 0 0 2
ninth september thru thirty first december

twenty second april thru seventh september

* * *