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US launches Operation Iron Hammer in Iraq

Iron Hammer and Sharp Knife

An envoy from a neighboring country paid a visit to the king at the time when Effendi served as the king's counselor. Harboring ill intent, the envoy took an iron hammer out of his satchel and said to the king proudly, "This hammer resembles my empire!" He then took out a glass bottle and said disdainfully, "This glass bottle represents your country!"

So saying, he put the bottle before the king, held the hammer high and then struck the bottle, smashing it to pieces. He did all this as if no one else was present.

"See how easily your country could be destroyed by a single attack from mine!" threatened the envoy.

The king almost fell from his throne at the words.

"Ha-ha-ha..." the envoy burst into laughter, dizzy with the impact of his action.

At the moment, Effendi went over, picked up a piece of broken glass and slightly poked it at the envoy's hand. The envoy hurriedly let go of the hammer, and nursing his wounded hand in the other, asked in a surprised way, "What do ... you ... want?"

"Nothing," Effendi said in a righteous tone. "I just want to demonstrate that what the pounding of the iron hammer on a glass bottle produces is not just broken glass but countless sharp knives!"

The envoy broke into a cold sweat at the words and fled with his tail between his legs.

Translated by Chen Haiyan

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